Here is a list of recommended Preachers/Teachers, I pray you will be blessed by them.

Pastor Chuck Smith


The late Pastor Chuck Smith was one of the best bible teachers of his time who built the Calvary Chapel movement. His teaching is indepth and easy to understand, listen and watch online by clicking here

Calvary Chapel Association

Joe Focht


Joe Focht is one of the best preacher/teachers that I have found over the years, he is my goto, if I want to hear/watch some solid bible teaching. He teaches in a way that is genuine and loving. Visit his site by clicking here

Calvary chapel of Philadelphia

John Macarthur


John Macarthur is one of the safest Bible teachers that we have these days, with his ministry mainly at Grace to You. His books are solid, and when reading them, you feel John as a gentle pastor speaking to you one to one. Visit his site HERE.

Grace to You

John Barnett


John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries is a thorough Bible teacher and his classroom style of teaching, makes studying the word of God a great experience as you’re edified. It helps if you use a big pad with your bible to take notes while watching the teaching. Visit his site by clicking here

Discover The Book Ministries

Armen Thomassian


Armen Thomassian is a thorough preacher of the Word of God; his sermons will edify you deeply. He has authored a book called “Breath From Heaven” on a biblical understanding of revival. I try and catch up on his sermons on and usually live at midnight UK time. Visit his site HERE.

Armen Thomassian

Dr Alan Cairns


Sadly Dr. Cairns passed away here in 2021, I recommend you listen to Dr Alan Cairns by Clicking Here. You also can listen to him by clicking the links VCY America and Let the Bible speak Radio. I was up my homeland of Isle of Lewis and heard Dr.Cairns preach, please click here to listen to the meeting.

Dr. Alan Cairns

Paul Washer


I have listened to Paul Washer and his team over the years and have been mightily convicted by is messages personally and professionally in our ministry. Please find more of his sermons by clicking here at Sermon Audio and you will find links to other sites of his. Visit his site by clicking here

Paul David Washer - Heartcry Missionary Society

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