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William D. Durham Discussion started by William D. Durham 2 months ago
 Jesus hates pictures of Him! You are not supposed to make any image of God. Exodus 20:4 says not to make any image of anything to worship. People look at these pictures and think that they are Jesus. They get a feeling of worship and awe by them. they think that the picture can do anything for them. They get a feeling of worship from these pictures.
 He doesn't look like any of them. They all portray Him as a white man with long hair. He was a Jew in the first century. They weren't white. They looked like any other person from that area at that time. They looked the same as Arabs. They had darker skin and were dark eyed and most of them had black hair and long beards.

 Jesus was not a Nazarite. Nazarites could not drink wine or touch a dead body Numbers 6:2-6. Jesus drank wine at communion and He touched a dead body and brought it back to life. Luke 7:14.

 Jesus is the High Priest. Priests can neither shave their heads nor let their hair grow long. Ezekiel 44:20. Jesus did not have long brown hair and blue eyes. He was not white. There weren't many white people around Palestine. They hadn't mingled with the southern lands yet.

 He hates any image or statue of Him. They are idols and can't do anything. They don't hear your prayers. They can't talk to you. They give people a false sense of security and can't help you in any way. They are an abomination to God.

 We don't know what Jesus looked like on the earth or what He looks like now in Heaven other than what we are told in the book of Revelation. I have tried to picture it in my mind and I just can't. It must be symbolic.

 Movies about Jesus and the Bible are never scripturally accurate either. I can't sit through any of them. They are just too over dramatized. They are so full of error I can't watch more than about 5 minutes of one. I don't know what book these authors and directors are reading. I don't know of any Bible that says what they put in their works.