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Hello to everyone,
            I'm Tommy, a retired, bit disabled mechanical engineer. I have a great love for mathematics and physics and took early retirement in 2006.

A wee bit about myself:

I was brought up in a very strict Irish catholic family, initially educated in jesuit schools and led a life of crime most of my adult life.

I came to our Lord and Saviour Jesus, The True Christ back in 1984, whilst awaiting trial under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1974, Breach of the Explosive Substances Act 1884 and Attempted Murder.

The night before I was to be tried, I got down on my knees in a 10ft X 8ft cell and opened my heart to a God I’d never known.

I was told by the legal team that due to all the evidence against me, that I should expect a sentence of Her Majesty’s Pleasure (full life term) if not life imprisonment.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with any sentence like those, so I begged God, if he was indeed there, if He would help me not to do anything stupid like top myself (suicide).

I knelt there praying (I'd never knelt and seriously prayed for anything in my life!),

and this 'cell' began to warm up and became beautifully light and fresh, not at all like a prison cell!

I was crying like a baby, uncontrollably, it was as if I were 'floating' above the floor of the cell (peter, in prison speak).

I don’t know exactly how long I knelt there like that, but the next thing I knew a ‘screw’ opened the door and told me it was time to go.

I knew the ‘screw’ he was a young Welsh guy and used to come into my cell quite often, & talk to me about Jesus

quite a bit, so I suspected he was a ‘Bible Thumper’ but he was good company and cheery so I put up with him, little did I know he’d been praying for me!

The trial was a farce! The police were all smiling and walking around keeping an eye on me & gesturing their fingers across their throats.

The trial lasted almost a week before things started to go South!

The Judge, Lord Cowan, kept banging his gavel angrily as the Police were causing a bit of a commotion. He called both QC’s (in a High Court Trial, you must be represented by a Queens Council who mediates between you, your lawyer and the court).

It seems that ALL the evidence against me (Productions) had DISAPPEARED and as all the testimonies were from police only, and all were basically the same story,

the Judge instructed the jury of these facts, and told them of the doubts this cast on my arrest, and if they took all the facts into their deliberations, to find me not guilty due to the fact that the testimonies seemed to be a collusion between the officers and that there was no evidence against me.

When the jury returned, they did indeed find me not guilty and His honour the Judge (who I later found out was a Christian himself) apologised for the length of time I had spent in prison and that I was free to go.

I will never forget that night when I got on my knees and talked to a REAL GOD!

I was Baptised in a mountain stream (more of a small river), along with two of my sons, Michael and Tommy, fully immersed, in 1985, Near Wanlockhead, in Lanarkshire, near where the Gold for the Scottish Crown was mined, and have walked through thick and thin with My Lord at my side since then.

I’ve hunted for years to find true Christian fellowship and was really disappointed at the dearth of these in Scotland,

I was a mechanical engineer before I retired, so I have a good grounding in advanced mathematics) and how TRUE maths proves our Lord God DOES exist!

The Fine Structures Constant for one proves the inevitability of God for if just one of the variables in the equation are out by 0.0001% everything would fall apart.

Of course there’s much more mathematical & other 'scientific' evidence for God, 

(look up Lamanins on the Internet or go here, )

and it surprises me that some so-called scientists can say they are atheist.

All Praise to God the Father and to His Precious Son my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

ps. I’m now seventy four (75 in May) and no longer a catholic, I'm completely ostracised by my own family, but part of a much larger and more Loving one.!!

God bless you and Thanks for reading my story.