Well! The way the world is today, where we have come a year from the sars-cov-2 coronavirus that struck this planet with death on the elderly and those vulnerable with underline heath issues. Scary thing people are dying and getting seriously ill from the injection.

Leaders at the G20 summit and the WHO want to introduce a global digital vaccine passport! Here In the UK and here in Scotland will be rolling out Digital Identity.

They want to control what we can buy, eat, buying fuel, what heating system you can have for your home and the car you can drive. All this so they can control us on an APP, but it will be a tool for the anti-christ during the tribulation.

We can see in these times that, Jesus is coming for His church, those who are born again will be caught up in the rapture with believers who have passed away before this time.

On earth while the born-again believers are with Jesus in Heaven, the world will go through the tribulation, which will last 7 years.

Then at the end of the tribulation, Jesus Christ will come and set up his kingdom for the 1000 years (the Millennium) described in Revelation 20, where He will rule the Earth with the saints,

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