Hi folk, this is a tract that I have developed over the years to give to JW’s. When JW’s come to your door they won’t take the tract off you, because they aren’t allowed to take other literature.

Over the years I have had to be smart and find where the group of JW’s meet at their start points, then stick the leaflet under there windscreen wiper.

If you see them going round your neighbours' houses and enter, it is worth popping a leaflet through there letter box soon after they leave.

Our Tract uses the NWT:- New World Translation to show…

  • God’s Holy Spirit
  • The NWT says that Jehovah and Jesus are “One God”
  • A key doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is that Jesus is not God.
  • The New World Translation itself provides evidence that Jesus Christ
  • IS God.
  • What the NWT says about hell!!

Click Here for the PDF File

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