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Prince William to "Confirm" Covenant with Israel? - By Geri Ungurean -

Prince William to "Confirm" Covenant with Israel from the Past

Before the reader considers this piece "conspiratorial" and passes it over as such - I am simply providing historical facts. After reading about the history which could point to Prince William as a possible candidate for the coming Antichrist, it is certainly up to the curious of mind to connect the dots - or not.

Let's look at what the Bible says about Antichrist

From (excerpts)

The Nationality of Antichrist by Britt Gillette

Is the Antichrist Jewish?

Is the Antichrist Jewish? Although there is no definitive answer, two Bible verses provide good reason to believe he will be. The first appears in the book of Genesis, where God prophesies the coming of Israel's Messiah and Satan's Antichrist.

"From now on, you and the woman will be enemies, and your offspring and her offspring will be enemies. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel" (Genesis 3:15, NLT).

Later, when Jacob is blessing his sons, he makes this prophecy about Dan:

"Dan will govern his people like any other tribe in Israel. He will be a snake beside the road, a poisonous viper along the path that bites the horse's heels so the rider is thrown off" (Genesis 49:16-17, NLT).

This reference to a serpent striking a heel may indicate that the Antichrist will be a Jew from the tribe of Dan; but it isn't certain, and many reasonable people are divided on this issue.

In addition to this reference to the tribe of Dan, Daniel points out that the Antichrist will worship himself above all else:

"Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all" (Daniel 11:37, KJV).

This passage is often referenced by those who believe the Antichrist will be of Jewish heritage. The fact that he will have no regard "for the God of his fathers" is viewed as a reference to the monotheistic God of the Jews.

Adding further fuel to speculation that the Antichrist might be Jewish is the following passage from the book of Revelation:

"Then I saw another beast come up out of the earth. He had two horns like those of a lamb, and he spoke with the voice of a dragon" (Revelation 13:11, NLT).

This verse states that the Antichrist will "come up out of the earth," a biblical phrase often associated with the Promised Land and the Jewish people. Throughout the Old Testament, the earth is used as a symbol for Israel, while the sea is used as a symbol for the Gentile peoples:

"And now in my vision I saw beast rising up out of the sea. It had seven heads and ten horns, with ten crowns on its horns. And written on each head were names that blasphemed God" (Revelation 13:1, NLT).

The verse above is a reference to the Antichrist's kingdom, which, as stated before, will be a revived form of the Roman Empire, thus emerging from among the Gentile people. But all the authority of this kingdom will be exercised by "the beast from the earth" referenced in Revelation 13:11:

"He exercised all the authority of the first beast. And he required all the earth and those who belong to this world to worship the first beast, whose death-wound had been healed" (Revelation 13:12, NLT).

The first beast, whose "death-wound had been healed," is the revived Roman Empire. Daniel clearly states that this world empire will reemerge in the last days, thus becoming healed of its mortal wound. But the one who rules it will "come up out of the earth." Could this be a reference to the Antichrist's Jewish heritage?

Was Princess Diana a Jew?


***This article was primarily about Kate Middleton being of Jewish heritage, but see what this Jewish site says about Diana:

"The Jewish line thickens with her hubby Wills. It's been speculated that Princess Diana's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was born Frances Ruth Burke Roche, a Rothschild. If that weren't enough, the London Daily Mail reported that Diana is actually the biological daughter of Sir James Goldschmidt, also a Jew." - source (emphasis added)

The Bible tells us that the Antichrist will be from the lineage of the people who destroyed the Temple:

Was Great Britain part of the Roman Empire?


The Roman Empire included most of what would now be considered Western Europe. The empire was conquered by the Roman Army, and a Roman way of life was established in these conquered countries. The main countries conquered were England/Wales (then known as Britannia), Spain (Hispania), France (Gaul or Gallia), Greece (Achaea), the Middle East (Judea) and the North African coastal region. - source (emphasis mine)

The Antichrist "Confirms a Covenant"

Many people quote the Word of God as saying that Antichrist will "make" a covenant with Israel. Here is what the Bible actually says:

"Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;
But in the middle of the week
He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.
And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined,
Is poured out on the desolate" (Daniel 9:27). (Emphasis added)

Prince William's visit will advance the Jordan-Israel solution

Jordan's independence in 1946 and Israel's in 1948 laid the groundwork for the 1937 Peel two-state solution rejected by the Arabs. A new version between the two existing states of Israel and Jordan is today's viable solution.

Kensington Palace's carefully-crafted tweet announcing that "The Duke of Cambridge will visit Israel, Jordan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the Summer" - could spark a diplomatic war with far-reaching implications.

The Palace clarified that:

"The visit is at the request of Her Majesty's Government and has been welcomed by the Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian authorities."

This will be the first official Royal tour to the State of Israel since its establishment in 1948. Israel's President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu have expressed their delight at this long-overdue announcement.

Jordan - visited officially by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1984 - will enthusiastically welcome their grandson Prince William.

The British Government's decision to also dispatch the Prince to visit the "Occupied Palestinian Territories" ("OPT") - Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), East Jerusalem and Gaza - the last remaining 5% of the territory of the Mandate for Palestine where sovereignty remains unresolved between Jews and Arabs - is very intriguing.

The PLO and Hamas have been engaged in an internecine struggle for control in the OPT since 2007 - whilst the PLO has suspended negotiations with Israel over the allocation of sovereignty in the OPT since April 2014. Corruption and nepotism are rife and elections are long overdue. Murderers of Israelis are rewarded with financial payments for life.

PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas's incendiary comments at the United Nations on 20 February claiming the British Government bears responsibility for the catastrophic consequences inflicted on the Palestinian people as a result of Britain's 1917 Balfour Declaration - create a toxic environment for the Royal visit.

Indeed, Abbas had earlier declared in the United Nations General Assembly in September 2016:

"We ask Great Britain, as we approach 100 years since this infamous declaration, to draw the necessary lessons and to bear its historic, legal, political, material and moral responsibility for the consequences of this declaration, including an apology to the Palestinian people for the catastrophes, misery and injustice this declaration created and to act to rectify these disasters and remedy its consequences, including by the recognition of the state of Palestine. This is the least Great Britain can do."

Another Abbas demand in March 2017 that Britain apologize for the Balfour Declaration was swiftly rejected by the British Government.

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson - writing in the Daily Telegraph on 29 October 2017 - went even further:

"I have no doubt that the only viable solution to the conflict resembles the one first set down on paper by another Briton, Lord Peel, in the report of the Royal Commission on Palestine in 1937, and that is the vision of two states for two peoples."

The Peel Commission recommended two sovereign independent States be established in Palestine:

1. An Arab State - consisting of Trans-Jordan (now called Jordan) - 77% of the territory of the Mandate for Palestine - united with part of the remaining 23% of the Mandate territory within which the reconstitution of the Jewish National Home was proposed in 1922.

2. A Jewish State consisting of the remainder of the 23% of Palestine.

The Arabs rejected the Peel recommendations.

However, Jordan's subsequent independence in 1946 and Israel's in 1948 laid the groundwork for the Peel two-state solution applying in 99% of former Palestine between 1950 and 1967 after Jordan and Egypt had illegally invaded and occupied the OPT in 1948.

Great Britain in 1950 and the PLO on its establishment in 1964 recognized this two-state reality - which remains the key to resolving the 100-years-old Arab-Jewish conflict.

Prince William's visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories ensures that resurrecting the Jordan-Israel two-state solution once again takes center stage. -source
I have given the reader facts. Could Prince William be the coming man of sin whom the Word of God calls The Antichrist?

As I've said before - we are looking for Jesus Christ - not Antichrist. But I think that it is prudent for us, as we watch the Signs of the Times, to at least consider Prince William as a viable candidate for the coming Beast of Revelation.

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The New Palestinian Jihad to Obliterate Israel - by Bassam Tawil -

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group is the second-largest terror group in the Gaza Strip after Hamas. Like Hamas, PIJ does not recognize Israel's right to exist and believes that violence and terrorism are the only way to "liberate all Palestine, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River."

Like Hamas, in the past three decades PIJ has carried out thousands of terror attacks against Israel, including suicide bombings.

Recently, the PIJ wished to remind us again of its dangerous and poisonous ideology. This reminder came in the form of a new "political document" published by the Iranian-backed terror group in the Gaza Strip.

The document contains important information about the group's strategy to destroy Israel and provides insight into the role Islam plays in the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Some may argue that there is nothing new in the PIJ document. However, PIJ is not just another Palestinian "resistance" faction, as some Middle East experts tend to describe it. Rather, it is one of the most dangerous Palestinian terror groups. It aspires to eliminate Israel and kill as many Jews as possible.

If and when Hamas is ever removed from power in the Gaza Strip, PIJ will most likely seize control of the coastal enclave, where nearly two million Palestinians live.

Western journalists often ignore the power and threat of PIJ, mainly because the representatives of the terror group rarely give interviews to the foreign media.

Besides, it is easier for Western journalists to take the short trip from Jerusalem to Ramallah to interview a Palestinian Authority official, who uses his or her fluent English to lie about the Palestinians' desire for peace and coexistence with Israel.

Western journalists rarely, if ever, present to their readers and viewers what the terrorists preach to their own people.

That is precisely why there is a need to bring the main points of the PIJ document to the attention of the international media and decision-makers around the world. The PIJ is a major player in the Palestinian arena, and its political and military power can be ignored only at great peril.

Here is what the preface to the terror group's document states:

"Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinian people, from the early days of history. Palestine is an integral part of the Arab and Islamic homeland, and it was usurped by the Zionist Jews with the support and encouragement of Western colonialist powers."

Explaining the timing of the publication of its document, PIJ said:

"To maintain a clear vision and the unity of our goals, away from intellectual chaos dominating the Palestinian landscape, Palestinian Islamic Jihad saw the need to formulate this document to explain and affirm the intellectual basis and features governing its jihad and policies."

Translation: the PIJ fears that it has fallen off the world's radar. It worries that its ideology and plans to destroy Israel may be lost amid the "intellectual chaos" plaguing the Palestinian arena.

Defining its ultimate mission, PIJ says in its new document:

"Our number-one priority and main task is to carry out the duty of jihad and resistance to liberate Palestine. We are an Islamic national liberation movement and part of the Palestinian people's and Muslim's jihad against invaders and colonialists. We see ourselves as being part of the general Islamic trend in the world, which regards Islam as the source of our power and pride."

Which "Islamic trend" the Palestinian terror group is talking about is not clear. Does it referring to the Islamic State terror group, ISIS, which has slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent civilians, mostly Muslims, in the past few years? Or perhaps the PIJ is referring to Al Qaeda, the murderous terror group founded by Osama bin Laden?

What is certain, however, is that PIJ is not referring to the Muslim Brotherhood organization. Why? Because PIJ believes that Muslim Brotherhood's ideology and policies are too "moderate" compared with its genocidal agenda. Ironically, the PIJ views the Muslim Brotherhood as being too "pragmatic," largely because of the latter's failure to engage in a worldwide jihad against Jews and all infidels.

The PIJ document, which the Western media is doing a fine job ignoring, states:

"Palestine is an Arab, Islamic land, where the Arabs and Muslims possess natural religious and historic rights. It is forbidden to give it up or compromise it under any pretext."

The Jews, the document emphasizes, "have no right in the land of Palestine." It says that the fact that some Arabs and Muslims have recognized Israel does not give the Jews any right to the land.

"The Palestinian people's right to all their lands and homeland, Palestine, is a comprehensive right that can't be fragmented. This includes our right to own the land, our right to resist and liberate it, and our right to return to it and live in it. No one is entitled to give up the right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland. This is a non-negotiable issue."

The PIJ document views Israel as a Zionist colonialist project imposed on Arabs and Muslims by Western powers. Revealingly, these are the same words that Israel's secular peace partner and the darling of the West, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, recently used in a speech he delivered in Ramallah, during a conference of the Palestine Liberation Organization's Central Council:

"The Europeans wanted to bring the Jews here to preserve their interests in the region. They asked Holland, which has the world's largest fleet, to move the Jews. Israel is a colonial project that has nothing to do with the Jews."

Abbas and PIJ also share more of the same views. In its document, the Palestinian terror group states:

"The Zionist entity is a functional colonialist entity and a tool of the [Western] project to seize control and dominance over Palestine. The source of this entity's power lies with Western parties, especially the US."

The PIJ document defines the conflict with Israel as an "existential conflict, and not a border conflict." The Palestinian cause, it says,

"is not about the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, or parts of them. Rather, it is the issue of the occupation of the entire land of Palestine, from the river to the sea. It is the central cause of all Arabs and Muslims, and not the Palestinians alone."

In its document, PIJ outlines its plan to achieve its goal through "jihad and resistance against the Zionist enemy, with all means and methods, first and foremost the armed struggle." The armed struggle, it adds, is the "main method and strategy in our struggle."

For those who do not know, "armed struggle" is the euphemism for all forms terrorism, including rocket attacks and suicide bombings. The "armed struggle" also means that a Palestinian terrorist can storm the home of a Jewish family and murder women and children as they prepare dinner.

The PIJ document, which has been distributed among the group's followers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, also praises suicide bombings against Israel by describing them as the "most noble acts of self-defense."

The document also warns Arabs and Muslims against recognizing Israel's right to exist or establishing any ties with it. "We reject all forms of normalization with the Israeli enemy by any Arab or Muslim," it stresses.

Finally, the document exposes the Palestinian terror group's plan for "real peace" in the Middle East. This "real peace," according to the jihadi group, can be achieved by eliminating Israel after "liberating Palestine, from the river to the sea, and after the original owners of the land return to their homes."

This genocidal "peace" plan appears to be shared by other Palestinian terror groups, such as Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and even certain parts of Mahmoud Abbas's ruling Fatah faction.

The peace they seek is one that would result in the total destruction of Israel and the expulsion of all Jews from the Middle East. As the remarks of Abbas and PIJ show, Palestinians see Israel only as an alien body that was imposed upon Arabs and Muslims by imperialist Westerners, and not as people who have lived on that land for more than 3,000 years.

The PIJ document, which serves as the group's "national charter," is a valuable text. Every word in the document reflects the true sentiments on the Arab and Islamic street, especially with regards to recognizing Jews' rights and history.

This is a document that is currently being taught in Islamic Jihad training bases, and schools and mosques. It is a document that will help raise another generation of Palestinians on the glorification of terrorism and anti-Semitism.

This is a document that deserves to be placed on the desks of all those Westerners who continue to tell us that peace is possible and that Israel just needs to make more concessions to achieve that goal.


Pergamon - Seat of the Devil, and Where is the New Rome? - By Ronda Lane -

Pergamon - Seat of the Devil

"I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is..." (Rev.2:13).

In the seven letters to the seven churches, we see encouragement given to some churches noted, and yet very strong condemnation given to others. One of the most fear-inspiring phrases is the seat of Satan. How wicked must that place be? I'm loathe to even say (or type) his name; I don't want to give any reverence whatsoever to him, so in most instances I will simply call him 'the devil', except where I'm quoting scripture directly.

I've been in many group (and individual) Bible studies and/or conversations pertaining to scripture. Sometimes this topic comes up: Revelation 2:12-16, the letter to the church in Pergamus. Often times people like to play 'pin the tail on the antichrist'. And sometimes they will conclude that they believe the antichrist may come from (what is modern-day) Turkey. But I wonder if they realize that they may be lacking some key historical facts about this scripture.

Let's take a look. The altar of 'Zeus' (originally located in Pergamus) is now located in modern- day Germany, and has been there for well over a century now. Why is this significant? Let's take a short history lesson into account and see what we can glean.

The Pergamene Empire was founded around the third century BC (initially part of the Seleucid Empire of Attilus I, the nephew of Eumenes I). Those under Attilus I desired to show the world their construction of imposing buildings and art work. They gave reverence to many false 'gods' of Greek mythology.

The Pergamon altar to the false 'god', 'Zeus', was built sometime during that time period. They adorned many of their buildings and walls with sculptures and artwork depicting many of these false 'gods'. While many were represented, they chose to revere 'Zeus' and his supposed daughter 'Athena' most often.

Imagine a first-century Christian living in Pergamon, how those imposing abominations erected to false 'gods' were still standing. John was given the Revelation, and one of the first topics noted are the seven letters to the seven churches.

Fast forward to the 7th century AD. Christianity had taken root in Pergamon. They had fortified their city against the Arabs, and had even used part of the Pergamon altar (and other structures) for their building materials in these city-wall fortifications.

The city finally fell to the Arabs around 716 AD, who temporarily inhabited it, then discarded and abandoned it. It lay in ruin, mostly uninhabited until around the 12th century AD; and by the 13th century AD Pergamon fell to the Turks, the beginning of the Ottoman Empire.

I wonder if the early Christians would have destroyed these evil altars and cast these ruinous pieces of idolatry away from them, IF (just maybe) the outcome would have been different when the Arabs eventually attacked and later destroyed them. I guess we will never know; just a point to ponder... Mixing the profane with the holy never works out well in any time period.

In researching this article, I also looked at numerous photos of these atrocities and even watched a few videos, which were narrated by two individuals who described the altar of 'Zeus', the panels adorning and surrounding it, and the steps (which were likely steps not just to the altar, but also steps to a temple for these false 'gods').

During the narration, they both spoke lovingly of this altar, giving much praise (and many suggestive adjectives) to the physical bodies depicted in the sculptures. They gushed on and on about how these (false) 'gods' showed such strength in their perfect bodies, etc. (worship of the physical body rather than HE, the One True God who creates physical bodies). They spoke of how 'strong' they believed these (false) 'gods' must have been to be shown depicted as slaying giants. It's odd that they never once mentioned why there were SO MANY of these false 'gods' needed.

I paused the video several times (first because it was sickening, and second to reflect on God's word); and it all became abundantly clear that these two narrators worshiped these false 'gods' every bit as much as those who manufactured them! Why? Because it goes against true Biblical scripture... it supplied an answer THEY felt comfortable with, rather than recognizing that ONE true God created even them and that they are accountable to Him!

Even more, the thought struck me (numerous times) how each part of Greek mythology was meant to ridicule God's word and how the devil was at the heart of all of these myths, and all of these false 'gods'.

For instance, in many of these panels and 'artwork' were shown various false 'gods' battling giants. Yet to WHOM does the Bible attribute the slaying of giants? Not just David slaying Goliath, but an entire population which had been inhabited by and contaminated by giants.

No matter what your take on Genesis 6 is, no matter who you think the giants (nephilim) were, noted in Gen.6:4, you must acknowledge that there WERE giants in those days, if you believe God's word (as I do, and most readers here do as well).

In that chapter we then see that God destroyed mankind and beasts from the face of the earth (Gen.6:7). Yet He preserved Noah and his sons (Shem, Ham, Japheth) and each of their wives (as well as pairs of animals, a male and female each, as described in Gen.6:19-20).

In discussions on my own viewpoint of Genesis 6, I am often asked why there would still be giants AFTER the flood. My answer is this: NOAH found grace in God's eyes (Gen.6:8) and was found perfect in HIS generations (Gen.6:9); BUT we note that God's word did not say the same of Noah's wife, nor of Noah's sons and their wives. It may be that Noah's wife's lineage had at some point been genetically contaminated and that she had passed such contamination onto one (or more) of their three sons. Or it may be that Noah's sons had married genetically contaminated women.

Regardless, we see giants again on the earth in David's time and other notations of them as well in scripture. So is it any wonder that Greek mythology mocks God's true word with their own made-up stories of false 'gods' who supposedly slew giants?

In fact, the entire premise of all these false 'gods' is the devil's playground... he wants to create doubt in man's mind of the truthfulness of God's word. But even more? The devil wants to try to convince mankind to believe that THEY can be 'as gods'. This is the exact same deceit he used on Eve in the garden (Gen.3:5).

This MAY be the same LIE he will feed the masses in the tribulation, and it MAY be that AI and nano-technology is used to facilitate this (but that is a topic for another article or another day).

As the narrators describing the altar to 'Zeus' continued on in their overt adoration of these false 'gods', what was most striking was that they noted the 'artwork' that depicted SERPENTS, which they claimed were the servants of the false 'gods'. The narrators didn't catch the connection whatsoever; they were too enthralled with the bodies depicted, and the notice they paid to the serpents was secondary.

Yet we know that the devil is showing himself even there; he wants them to think that these false 'gods' controlled the serpents. Yet they never once question if the serpent himself controlled not just these false 'gods' or the mere humans that represented them... but also their worshipers (and by extension, themselves), and that the serpent is still today using the same trickery he used in the garden. Only he is appealing to mankind in this generation with high tech and false science, rather than the flat out lie in the garden. Same lie, just a different method of presenting it.

Then the narrators toured onto the steps and into the actual altar of 'Zeus', where the fire would have been kept lit and the sacrifices would have kept flowing to this false 'god'. One of the most interesting statements by these narrators was when one of them was speaking about how this entire huge exhibit (the altar, along with the panels and steps, etc.) was moved to Germany... AND how that Germany wanted to be "the new Rome."

Let that sink in and marinate a few moments. The "New Rome" - in Germany?

While I won't play 'pin the tail on the antichrist', I will say that those who think that "Satan's seat" is still in Pergamos (Turkey) may have missed the fact that the altar of Zeus has been residing in Germany for over a century now.

We don't have time to get into the atrocities committed by Hitler, nor do we have time to delve into Angela Merkel's part in the destruction of modern-day Germany (most of you are already well aware of these things anyway). What I do hope you all get out of this is that Germany MAY be where "Satan's seat" (Rev.2:12-16) now resides.

Yes, I DO believe there is a spirit behind this thing... is it tied to the land? Or tied to the altar where the blood was sacrificed to this false 'god'?

It's also worthy to note what else the Lord had to say to those in Pergamos (Rev.2:14) about the doctrine of Balaam (a stumblingblock to the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit fornication). The false idols and false 'gods' all go back to ancient Babylon (and even further back to the serpent in the garden). Nimrod put himself in the place of Baal and required that the ancient Babylonians worship him as their (false) 'god'.

What else is noteworthy? Rev.2:15 tells us that some held to the doctrines of the Nicolataines, a thing which the Lord hated! What did the Nicolaitanes do? They were a community who called themselves 'Christian' and yet they freely sinned. Just one of the many characteristics was that they believed men could have numerous wives.

Sadly, the Nicolaitanes omitted scripture as well as misunderstood much scripture. They rightly believed that we are under grace, not law, but where they went woefully wrong was that they embraced sin. They thought that since they were forgiven (at salvation) they were free to sin unfettered, basically.

This sounds like many modern-day churches... Pick and choose which scripture sounds good; do whatever feels good..., that false "prosperity gospel' and other worldly teachings.

The Nicolaitanes made the mistake of taking God's wonderful grace for granted. Yes, their sins were paid for at the cross, and yet that did not mean to continue on in sin. Yes, our sins are paid for, but God will not be mocked. Whatever we have sown, we reap. Sometimes the consequences of our sins do not come back upon us until decades after the sin was committed. Our sins are paid for, our salvation is eternal, but there are consequences when we sin.

God gave the 10 commandments to Israel (Exodus chapter 20, et al), and the law is a schoolmaster for us (Gal.3:24-25); it brings us to Christ. It brings us to the recognition of what some sins are and how we are not to commit them. Yes, we are forgiven (at salvation)... He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins when we confess them to Him (1 John 1:9). BUT that is not by any means a license to sin!

"For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. What then? Shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid." (Rom.6:14-15).

Paul spoke of people (similar to the Nicolaitanes) in Romans 3:8. In fact, the entire chapter deals with this topic. Verse 31 is particularly telling. Colossians 3:5-17 and Eph.2:10 would have also benefitted those Nicolaitanes (as would much other scripture).

What else did the Nicolaitanes do that was so evil, as if it weren't already wicked enough? Besides their disdain for holier living and the fact that they held lewd, lascivious festivals of adultery and fornication... they also sacrificed to idols!

Exodus 20:4-5; 1 John 5:21; 2 Cor.6:16; and many others are just some of numerous times God's word says not to worship idols, graven images, nor to bow down and serve them. They disregarded ALL of God's word. They held only to salvation (or so they claimed) and threw out the rest!

"And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you" (2 Cor.6:15-17).

And again, we can think of many modern-day churches today that are similar. Even worse than the Nicolaitanes, today some churches even deny Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose the third day! What does scripture call them? 1 John 2:22, 4:3 and 2 John 1:7 tell us they have the spirit of antichrist.

What does one think of when they think of Rome? Idolatry and worse. And yet Germany desired (and still desires) to become the 'new Rome'.

"Satan's seat," brought from Pergamon, now resides in Germany (for over a century now). Is it any wonder that they've gone through many hardships? No, I am not (even in the least) calling all Germans evil. In fact, there are still some Christians remaining in Germany yet today, although far less than there once were. But the government? Evil to the core.

Many of the Germans were all for taking in as many immigrants as they could hold. They had believed that these immigrants just needed love, a hug, and some help. Yet once the immigrants got there, and after they got a taste of how evil Islam is, they changed their tune. But now it's too late... the water has gone under the bridge.

German citizens cannot speak out against the crimes the immigrants commit, be it rape, theft, or even murder. Some German citizens were cast out of the very homes they worked all their lives to buy and maintain, only to have those homes given to immigrants who quickly trashed the residences, making them similar to the third-world mess they came from.

The police there do not uphold the citizens. The government is bought-out globalists. No more is there national sovereignty. And by the time the 10 kings/horns/toes emerge on the scene (and the antichrist rises up from the midst of them), the world will fall to globalism and the antichrist beast system.

Germany now has the altar to 'Zeus' in their museum, and they also have the 'Ishtar Gate' of ancient Babylon residing, and on display, in Germany as well. Time does not permit going into detail in regards to this particularly evil abomination, but we would be remiss not to consider that there are some very evil people in this world who STILL believe that both of these things (the altar to 'Zeus' and the 'Ishtar' gate) are portals or doorways for the (false) 'gods'.

Some call these 'Star-gates'. These physicists and scientists are spending their lives work on finding portals. Huge sums of money are being poured into these ventures. Sadly, even some so-called 'Christians' (cults) have bought into these myths, and not only seek these things out, but visit them and take pictures of each other walking under or through the archways, gateways, and altar entrances of false 'gods'.

Some elites and particle physicists in Switzerland (and other parts of the world) have bought into the luciferian lies that they can be 'gods'. They don't want to hear that the devil can appear to them as a (false) angel of light (2 Cor.11:14) and that they themselves are his ministers (2 Cor.11:15). They think they have been 'enlightened', but what they've really been is duped by the devil.

The unsaved world is looking for any way to bypass Christ (which cannot be done) so that they won't have to deal with sin. They are relying on their own righteousness (which, at its best, is filthy rags - Isaiah 64:6). They have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God (Rom. 10:3), but instead are making up the rules as they go... what THEY consider to be righteous or not. Many of them determine this by comparing themselves to others (2 Cor.10:12) rather than recognizing that we are ALL sinners, separated from God by our sins (Rom.3:23, 3:10; Isaiah 59:2, et al).

We are ALL sinners, born in sin, headed for hell (Rom.6:23)... and there is only ONE way to deal with the sin issue and be reconciled to the Father! (Rom.5:10; 2 Cor.5:17-19; Eph.2:16; Col.1:20-22; John 14:6.) There is NO other way (Acts 4:12). Jesus came to save sinners! (1 Tim.1:15; John 3:16-18; Eph.2:4-5; Rom.5:8, et al).

We cannot do enough good works to ever pay for our own sins (Eph.2:8-9).

Jesus was and is the only ONE acceptable propitiation for our sins (Rom.3:25; 1 John 4:10). His blood washes away our sins; He completely removes them from us (Rev.1:5, 1 John 1:7-9). He has already completely paid for YOUR sin. Yet He gave us all free will to choose whether (or not) we will accept His free gift of salvation.

Each individual must make that choice themselves. There is no riding the fence. If a person claims they haven't made a decision, they actually HAVE made a decision to reject/deny Christ (John 3:18).

How does one come to Christ?

Recognize that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose (resurrected) the third day (1 Cor.15:1-4). Believe in your heart, and confess with your mouth (Rom.10:9-10). Call upon His name for salvation (Rom.10:13). You cannot 'clean up your act' to come to Christ. He will give the indwelling and sealing of the Holy Spirit to believers upon salvation. We are then led of Him away from sin and towards holier living.

We grieve the Holy Spirit when we sin, as we grieve the Lord as well when we sin. We need to make a conscious decision to repent from sin, and only HE gives us the strength to flee from sin (James 1:13-14; James 4:7; 1 Cor.10:13) IF we are willing to obey His direction.

Bible prophecy (foretold thousands of years ago) is aligning, with precision and accuracy, exactly as foretold. Just as Jesus fulfilled hundreds of Bible prophecies at His first advent, so too will all Bible prophecy pertaining to the future be fulfilled. While we cannot set a date for the rapture, we recognize the rapture is imminent. We also recognize that much of Bible prophecy pertaining to events to occur in the seven-year tribulation period are also aligning. So we (believers) have much hope in the nearness of the pre-trib rapture.

But, for unbelievers, the tribulation will catch them totally off guard and woefully unprepared. There is no way a person could save up enough food, water, and provisions to make it even partway through the seven years of God's wrath on this evil, God-mocking, and Christ-rejecting world. There is no way to prepare for the tribulation. The only way to BE prepared is to be prepared to avoid it entirely.

Salvation in Christ alone is the only preparation we need. Jesus has promised believers that He has delivered us from the wrath to come (1 Thes.1:10; Rom.5:9; 1 Thes.5:9, et al). This wrath begins the moment Christ (the Lion from the tribe of Judah, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, Jesus Himself) opens the first of the 7 seals of wrath in Revelation chapter 6 and continues on throughout the 7 trumpets of wrath, and the final 7 vials of wrath.

Horrific things are soon to befall the earth-dwellers. Revelation chapters 6-18 gives an overview of these things to come. Much of OT prophecy gives more information as well. We find in Dan.9:27 that the 7 years begins its countdown when the antichrist confirms a covenant with Israel. There is so vast an array of prophecy written about the foretold tribulation period that even 20 articles couldn't contain all the information.

But the bottom line? YOU don't want to go through ANY of it. And YOU don't have to! Come to Christ NOW, prior to the rapture (and be included in the rapture: 1 Cor.15:49-53; 1 Thes.4:13-18; Phil.3:20-21; 1 John 3:2; Titus 2:13, et al).

This is not a sales pitch. A person either will humble themselves before the Lord, recognizing they are a sinner in need of salvation, believing on Christ and accepting His gift of salvation, or they won't. Pride is the usual culprit for why mankind rejects so great a salvation. I could beg and implore the unbelievers to come to Christ (as I often have in the past); yet, nothing I can say will change their minds. So now we shout out the warning to the world... Time is short! Get right or be left behind.

"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ" (Titus 2:13).



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Be firm in the Word of God - Peter J Gordon
Luke 6:39-40

39 And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch? 40 The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.

In this passage the Lord is addressing the crowd and the matter he raises is the responsibility that comes with power and position.

Through popular media today we can be easily influenced to think or act in certain ways. Our government and major business use the media to their benefit. We can easily be influenced and lead into deception by propaganda and peer pressure.

Groups like atheists, humanist, agnostics and freethinkers like goths often think that they are influenced by no one. The freethinking gothic sects feel they have broken away from the main stream world or the moral codes of society by the way they talk, act and dress. I have seen personally this culture and its funny how they all listen to the same kind of music, go to the same clothes shops and websites, everything has the same style. So, in all reality they are not freethinkers but just plain goths who follow gothic ideas.

As Christians we need to be able to discern what teachings and doctrines we accept as fundamental basics of our faith. We also need to listen to ministers of the Word to ensure they’re adhering closely to the Word of God.

This is what Jesus is getting at in this passage where he addresses the power of leadership and influence by pointing out 3 things.

1...The destructive leadership of the Pharisees.
2...Challenges us to seek out good godly leaders.
3...And for us to influence people ourselves.

Point 1, verse 39 Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they both fall into a pit? Here he is calling the Pharisees blind, and would you like to be lead by a blind man? With no stick to guide you. Where he could put you in danger by crossing a busy road or bumping into obstacles.
Similarly, we wouldn’t like to be led by spiritually blind leaders who could lead us into a pit and into serious harm. When we listen to ministers of the Word the Bible, we need to compare what they’re teaching with the Word of God and ensure it measures up.

Point 2 Verse 40 says A disciple is not above his teacher. We see here the leaders have a position of superiority over the disciple as he learns. A good teacher will have a humble heart and won’t have an arrogant attitude towards his student.

Myself, in some ways, have been under teaching that I felt was great. I was impressed by a particular man’s teaching and then I heard him preach in tongues saying it was a sign of salvation to have this gift. I screamed to myself NO! I felt I had to stop listening to this minister and had to seek a teacher that would be solid in teaching virtues like the importance of a good prayer life, diligent study of scripture, a close personal relationship with the Lord. He made the Lord ruler of his life.

Point 3 When we read this quote “but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.” It brings upon us a big responsibility. When we are trained and able to teach we need to be right with our walk with the Lord and a good prayer life, but also to listen carefully and not think we know it all. We must be ready to humbly teach those who are new in faith whilst constantly discerning the things of God through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Being part of a good church or ministry gives us firm grounding in how to teach properly, but we still need to keep alert, discerning and studying what we hear. Let us remain humble, remembering that we’ve been given a great responsibility and its only through the power of the Holy Ghost and not through our own wisdom there were able to minister the Word of God to others.


Has the King of The East Now Taken His Throne? China's New Emperor for Life - By Bill Powell -

It was a bland, bureaucratic statement-but its implications could be profound. In late February, China's Communist Party announced a proposal to abolish term limits for its highest office. The party hasn't made a final decision, but the news seemed to confirm what many have long suspected: Xi Jinping, the country's leader, wants to be president for life.

The announcement wasn't surprising, but many didn't expect it to come so soon. Aside from being president, Xi is also the general secretary of the Communist Party and commander in chief of the country's armed forces. The term limits on his presidency effectively constrain his ability to hold the other two jobs. Since Xi took office in March 2013, he's been consumed with his fight against corruption. This battle is basically a proxy for him and his allies to consolidate control over the highest levels of the party, as well as big state-owned companies. In Chinese politics, personal rivalries and differing agendas are rarely visible to the outside world. So many had assumed Xi's fight was still ongoing, given how deeply entrenched corruption is in China.

If the party does decide to end term limits for president, it could have major implications for the nation-and the world. Domestically, it would rupture what has been a stable system of succession. Deng Xiaoping, the father of China's economic reforms, created that system in 1982. Prior to Deng's rule, China was mired in the chaos and pain of the Cultural Revolution, when Mao Zedong "had absolute power over the lives and deaths of others," wrote Mo Zhixu, a political commentator in Guangzhou.

Post-Mao, Deng and his successors transformed China from an isolated, impoverished country into the second most powerful nation in the world. Many believe the country will inevitably surpass the United States in terms of influence and economic growth. But Beijing has experienced these changes during a period of relative stability, when political transitions came to be seen as orderly, predictable. Deng's successor, Jiang Zemin, handed power to Hu Jintao, who after a decade turned the party over to Xi. That predictability is now in question.

What's not in question is that Xi wants to increase his country's clout, to show the world that his model of government is a worthy alternative to those of the West. Despite American resistance, Xi shows no sign of backing away from his efforts to dominate in the South and East China Seas. He has also extended his country's influence to the south and west, all the way to Pakistan, with his efforts to build infrastructure in developing nations. Xi believes the world should accommodate China, not the other way around. He shows no interest in deposing North Korea's Kim Jong Un, despite Pyongyang's nuclear antics, and will likely respond in kind to any American trade protections, like the ones the U.S. announced for steel and aluminum in early March.

After a decade of dithering, China is also finally trying to carry out some painful and necessary economic reforms. Some of Xi's supporters believe he needs more time and more authority to implement them. The Chinese president may realize it's going to take a while to reduce his country's debt, which will lead to a slowdown in growth. Maybe he wants to manage that process. This is the most optimistic view of the party's announcement: that eventually, if the economy is humming and has a lower debt burden, perhaps Xi can hand over power to a designated successor and be remembered as a hero. Such a scenario is possible. But it assumes the Chinese leader is willing to oversee such a sustained and painful economic transition. It also assumes he'd ever give up power.

In the West, many analysts seemed jaded after Beijing's announcement-especially those who had hoped China would reform politically as its economy prospered (just as South Korea and Taiwan had in the 1980s). These observers finally seem to be accepting reality. China is now a more confident, more repressive authoritarian state than it was before Xi. His increased crackdown on anyone critical of the government, as well as his use of internet censorship and technology to monitor citizens the regime deems troublesome, are here to stay. And may even increase.

Despite China's economic successes, there are still millions in the country who want more political freedom. But under this regime, they have no voice-and won't, it appears, for a long time. At 64 years old, the apparently healthy Xi isn't going anywhere.

He's now, most likely, China's emperor for life.


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In Between Birth Pains? - By Todd Hampson -

Is it me, or do end-time birth pains seem to be getting more distinct, intense, and all inclusive? 2017 saw an intense convergence of birth pains; and, in my spirit, I sense (as I study God's word and look around at world events) that we're in between birth pains, but a tidal wave is coming. When contractions begin, there are periods of relative rest in between, but the birth pains don't stop until the baby is born.

Beginning in late August 2017, we witnessed one natural disaster after another. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida-both record-breaking events. Hurricane Maria devastated several island countries, including Puerto Rico where the entire country was completely without power for an extended time.

If three monster hurricanes hitting the US and US territories in one month weren't mind-blowing enough, consider that-at the same time-India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh had record monsoons with massive death tolls. Sierra Leone and Niger had massive floods, mudslides and thousands of deaths as well.

In the midst of those events, we also witnessed worldwide record-breaking heat and fire seasons. California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, Greenland, Russia, and Siberia all had record forest fires. Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia had a triple-digit heat wave, which they dubbed "Lucifer."

Then Mexico had two major earthquakes in less than a month, and Yellowstone experienced a lengthy earthquake swarm. At the same time, Japan had two noteworthy earthquakes. Following that, we saw systemic abuse in Hollywood and illegal "deep-state" activity in Washington exposed like never before. Oh yeah, and Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. To me, the last 4-5 months of 2017 seemed like a major Olivet-Discourse-converging birth pain.

Please Read More


Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of Prophecy - Pastor Mike Taylor -

6 "And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows." (Matthew 24:6-8)

Everyone that is alive in this hour of the last days of man-kinds last gasp of ruling themselves, can see the chaos that is virtually enveloping this world. If it hasn't hit you directly, you may know someone who has felt the upheaval that is coming upon this world, and the neighborhood around you. Be it either natural environmental disasters, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes that have come awake all up and down the Pacific coastlines and elsewhere, raging fires that are out of control in California or other states in the western section of the USA, or see the wars that have broken out in the Middle East and the threat of wars that could effect every man and women on this planet.

But with all this surrounding us and many that are in fear of what is coming upon the earth, it is good to step back and survey the surrounding landscape of historical details along with current events that can only be related to Bible prophecy that is being fulfilled in these last days. Let us, for a moment, consider the awesomeness of this big picture that is coming quickly into clearer view.

Please Read More


Bridal Shop Threatened for Declining to Assist With Lesbian ‘Wedding’ Closing Its Doors…

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Poisoning of double Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia... Such a shame for this father and daughter who are in hospital with... Show more

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A website very like our Free Gift page called Steps to Peace by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It is a website to use if your searching for Jesus in your life and it will take you through 4 differant steps to Salvation.

This isn't an instant fix, it is worth going through the differant steps, reading, meditating and praying on the verses, untill your convicted to pray and accept Christ as your Saviour.

Click Here To Visit Site


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It is amazing how the Gospel of Jesus reached India, I pray something like this would happen here in Scotland. We need Jesus!!!

Testimony of Faith: Billy Graham Revealed Christ...

Jomy Joseph and her family have been forever changed by Billy Graham’s teachings. "[The] only thing we have to do is simply have a simple, childlike...

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Danny Gokey - Masterpiece (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for Danny Gokey's "Masterpiece" from the album RISE. All Retailers: Download on iTunes:...

Peter J Gordon added a video. 2 weeks ago

Testimony of Faith: Billy Graham Revealed Christ...

Jomy Joseph and her family have been forever changed by Billy Graham’s teachings. "[The] only thing we have to do is simply have a simple, childlike...

Peter J Gordon It is amazing how the Gospel of Jesus reached India, I pray something like this would happen here in Scotland. We need Jesus!!! 2 weeks ago
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Testimony of Faith: Billy Graham Revealed Christ in India


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Memories in Madison Square Garden Crusade: Billy...

Alice Chaplinsky shares how Billy Graham's Crusade in Madison Square Garden touched her heart as a 15 year old.