A simple question really - why do you believe that the Church will not be in "the big trouble"?



With respect - who is this Pastor Mike Taylor?

I don't give a fig about this guy - what does scripture say about end times eschatologty,




Dave Martin McClean replied to the topic 'Greetings from N. Ireland' in the forum. 1 week ago

Born Again Christians wrote: Welcome Dave! We used to watch the Whitewell Tabernacle services years ago and used to watch them live from our website.
I now watch a few of the Free Presbyterian church services from your area on
Your certainly going in the right direction listening to Costi Hinn's and Macarthur.
Justin Peters is good to listen to at and Fighting for the Faith with Rev. Chris Rosebrough but has a different eschatology to us.

Hi thanks for the welcome!

Yes I've also listened to Justin Peters a lot - he has particularly made sense to my wife and I after a "fake" healing from cancer and fibromyalgia that my wife had 3 years ago - I like a lot of his stuff.

Also been a huge fan of David Pawson for over 30 years - he would be classed as "Spirit filled" although I don't believe he would have labelled himself as a Charismatic. He is very much rooted in conservative views and very sound, in particular his teachings on Revelation are outstanding.

I've been to Whitewell once in about 30 years - sadly I didn't feel like I had the Armani suit to be able to regularly attend, although I did meet James McConnell once in a chip shop - he was in the queue behind me and when I ordered a fish supper he said "Fish suppers! My favourite" and then asked who I was and what was happening in my life. At the time I was going through a pretty rough time (around 2004 and first marriage was on the slide) but he took time out to have a chat with me and he struck me as a very genuine guy indeed.



Hello everyone,

Nice to be here! I'm the wrong side of 50 and married and currently "between churches" and wondering if anyone here has the same experience as myself that can shed some light on my situation?

Now this is a long story and I can go into it in a lot more detail if needed - it would run to 20 pages but in brief :

I was born again in 1991 and in 1993 supposedly received the Baptism of the Spirit and started speaking in tongues and was in extreme Charismatic fellowships on and off for years. My salvation was all over the place and I fell away from the Lord many times.

Now my journey over the last few months has led me to seriously question all of this "Charismatic" experience and I am very much tending to a cessasionist / conservative theology.

I still have very firm beliefs when it comes to things like the rapture - I am absolutely convinced from the Word that the church will go through the tribulation, but the whole "apostolic gifts / speaking blessing / binding Satan / loosing blessing" thing is rapidly turning my stomach.

I have been in so many "churches" (one I remember from 3 years ago in Belfast where my wife and I went to every service for a month and all it was - dancing and worship. The Bible was never opened ONCE.

Does anyone else have an experience of coming from that situation and into a cessasionist position? How did you find it? What were the things you struggled with? What helped you etc?

For me I am greatly enjoying Costi Hinn's teachings and testimony, John Macarthur etc., but the fear is still there that I am missing "something" if I end my association with the Charismatic once and for all.

Thanks & Blessings