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file LGBT community, why I'm taking legal action over cancellations and plans to make UK tour bigger... by Marcus Jones

2 months 19 hours ago #76 by Born Again Christians
US evangelist Franklin Graham has told Premier he won't let venue cancellations stop him preaching the good news to the UK this summer.

The preacher, son of the late great Billy Graham, is due to visit eight cities across the country but has been dealt a number of blows as all eight venues have cancelled, citing the division that his appearance would cause.

The concern is linked to previous comments Graham has made about homosexuality.

A number of LGBT groups have petitioned to encourage venues to cancel, while a number of bishops have supported bans.

Unrepentant, the 67 year old told Premier his views aren't different to most Christians.

"I believe the Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman," he said. "That's the Church of England's position. I think Her Majesty the Queen, that's her position and it's the position of the Church, pretty much worldwide. This is what the Bible teaches and that's what I believe."

Addressing the 'friendly fire' which has seen numerous church groups speak out against him and those who traditionally would have supported his visit - such as the Evangelical Alliance and the Archbishop of Canterbury - refusing to give their public support, he said: "That's certainly their right to do that. But at the same time, by telling people not to come, sometimes that encourages people to come and I hope that's the case."

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