Find Pastor Peter Edwards

Find Pastor Peter Edwards

Pastor Peter Edwards is still missing after 2 years and I miss his face when I visit the Christian book shop in Perth. Dacades ago we used to pester Peter to order in KJV Bibles that we used for our Salvation Packs. He was always a quiet person but always felt safe in his company.


From Facebook Page...

Pastor Peter Edwards, 65 from Scone, Perthshire went missing on Tuesday 1 November 2016. He was last seen getting off the X7 bus in Barclay Street, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire at about 3.20pm on the same day. This sighting was from CCTV footage obtained by Police Scotland.

Search teams were deployed quickly, including mountain rescue teams and helicopter. Officers on foot carried out house enquiries that gave no clue as to why Peter may have gone missing. A tracker dog was used at the bus stop, but no scent was picked up. There has been no confirmed sightings since.

He is an associate pastor at Perth Christian Fellowship. His family & friends remain extremely concerned for his welfare and are at a loss what happened, because it is totally out of character.

Pastor Edwards is 5ft 9in, slim build with balding grey hair, beard and sideburns. He was wearing a grey beanie hat, gold-rimmed glasses, long-sleeved grey shirt, tie, black tank top with grey trousers and black leather shoes. He speaks with an American accent and has a slight tremor to his hands.

If you have any information regarding Pastor Edwards’ disappearance, please phone Police Scotland on 101. Missing People also run a 24/7 helpline and they can be contacted by phone or text on 116 000 quoting reference number 16-006407. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Peter if you ever read this website, please message me and I'll give you total discretion

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