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Study on the Parables of Jesus

Written by AliveinJesus™ on 06 November 2017 - No Comments

Study on the Parables of Jesus

Hi folk! Here is a good exercise to look up each of the chapters of these parables of Jesus and find the verses and read them. When I went through the chapters I was surprised how many of the parables of Jesus spoke off in the Bible. Have fun!!



Matthew Mark Luke John
The Barren Fig Tree 13
The Net 13
The Friend at Midnight 11
The Good Samaritan 10
The Good Shepard 10
The Fine Pearl 13
The Great Banquet 14
The Hidden Treasure 13
The Household 13
 The Workers in the vineyard 20
The Wedding Banquet 20
Pharisee and Tax Collector 18
The Lost Coin 15
The Ten Minas 19
The Lost Son (prodigal) 15
The Rich Fool 12
The Rich Man and Lazarus 16
The Growing (mustard) seed 4
The Sheep and Goats 25
The Weeds 13
The Talents 25
The Ten Virgins 25
The Two Debtors 7
The Two Sons 21
The Persistent Widow 18
The Shrewd manager 16
The Unmerciful Servant 18
The Unworthy Servants 17
The Wedding Feast 12
The Wise Servant 12
The House on the Rock 7 6
The Yeast 13 13
The Lost Sheep 18 15
New Cloth 9 2 5
New wine in Old Wineskins 9 2 5
The Fig Tree 24 13 21
The Mustard Seed 13 4 21
The Sower 13 4 8
The Wicked Tenants 21 12 20


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