Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday

I know this Sunday is commonly referred to as Easter Sunday but I much prefer Resurrection Sunday. It tells us exactly what this celebration is about and it is the main reason why we are here today worshiping at Free Grace church. Without the resurrection there would be no Gospel to share – no good news. But because of Jesus work on earth that finished on the Cross with the final victory over death and sin we come here to recognise and share in the wonderful truth of the gospel and of God’s grace and mercy toward mankind.


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Peter J Gordon

Peter J Gordon

My name is Peter J Gordon and I'm from Helensburgh, Scotland.

I have been trained to minister and preach through the Proclamation Trust with Cornhill Scotland. We are a Bible-believing body of believers in Christ whose passion is the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Word of God verse by verse with expository sermons.

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